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How to find my office

If you are driving to Leibnitz I advise you to park your car somewhere in the town. Given the large number of one-way streets, the fastest way to get around in Leibnitz is to walk. All routes in this little town are short.

Click: Town church
  The best point of orientation is the town church. It is the larger of the two churches and easily visible from all directions.
Click: Raiffeisen bank

You walk to the Raiffeisen bank, which is just 50 metres away, and next to it you will find the highest building of Leibnitz (with plenty of blue sun-shades).

Click: Office
  This is where my office is located. You walk between the shops to the elevator, and take the elevator to the uppermost story (Sign: DG - Dachgeschoß). The initial examination is usually performed here.

You get off on the fifth floor, if you are coming for your operation or for laser treatment and have been given an appointment for such treatment.

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